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"The constant destruction and disintegration of wheel motor covers on our dump trucks had been a costly problem. The down time and costly delays to production, together with the need to maintain unusually high stocks of replacement covers was a burden, which everyone in the mining industry had come to accept as a fact of life.

The DV Logic Rhinobag™ wheel motor cover is a practical, long term solution. Skeptical at first, I came to the conclusion that the Rhinobag™ worked and eventually fitted it to all of our electric drive dump trucks.The savings to our company have been outstanding. Its flexibility and impact resistance are enhance by the toughness of Kevlar, and yet it still provides adequate dust protection and cooling ventilation.

Our employees are praising the light weight of the new units compared with other wheel motor covers, they are easily fitted with no fear of people sustaining back injuries. We still marvel at how long each Rhinobag™ wheel motor cover lasts, especially when our trucks are being loaded by Front End Loaders."

Signed: Peter Chorley - Maintenance Superintendent
Muswellbrook Coal, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Other reference: kevin.rooney@leicon.com.au