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About Rhinobag™

Reduce costs & down time.

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Increasing numbers of mine-owners and contractors endorse the simple fact that adequate protection of wheel motors adds up to huge reductions in haulage costs. Rhinobag's™ radical design and unique features absorb impact and cushion costs.

Extensive field trials prove that the life of this tough, flexible, lightweight wheel motor cover outlasts others by at least eight to ten times under the most arduous conditions.

Rhinobags™ are manufactured from the most durable fabrics available. Our design is a radical departure from conventional plastics or fibreglass wheel motor covers.
Rhinobags™ are supplied in kit form and come fully assembled, ready to fit. Weighing less than 9kg, the kits are easy to install, saving valuable time and money. Only the face of the cover will need to be replaced when it eventually reaches the end of its life.

When fitted, the outer kevlar section of the wheel motor cover is inflated by air blowing through the motor from the cooling fan, which helps keep the motor and ancillary equipment dust free.

Rhinobags™ also feature a reflective strip to ensure maximum safety, particularly during night shift operations, to reinforce Workplace Health and Safety requirements.

5 Star Features

  • Massive production increases through the elimination of premature failure & downtime
  • Lasts longer than, and outperforms, other products
  • Reduces the possibility of back injury during fit up
  • Reduces the high cost of constant replacement of wheel motor covers
  • Rhinobags ™ are designed for GE787 & GE788 Wheel Motors